With Bob Mayberger's win to earn the 2011 Eclipse Award for Photography, the legacy of Eclipse Sportswire photographer's gaining accolades continues.  This was Mayberger's first Eclipse Award, and with it came the greatest recognition for Mayberger's hard work and the greatest confirmation of the hard work being done by Eclipse Sportswire photographers. Here is a review of past years and the awards won.


2010 Equine Ideal Photo Contest

1st Place - Extreme Action

3rd Place - Performance

3rd Place - Black & White

2010 Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance Photo Contest:

2nd Place - Scott Serio

4th Place - Bob Mayberger

2009 Jerry Frutkoff Preakness Photo Award
1st Place - Scott Serio
2009 Equine Idea Photo Contest
1st Place - Professional Head Study, Susan Carter
Honorable Mention - Extreme Action, Susan Carter


2009 Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance Photo Contest  

1st Place - Scott Serio

2nd Place - Eric Kalet

3rd Place - Susan Carter